Email Marketing

The concept of Email Marketing dates back to the 1970s when the very first 'electronic mail' was sent. Since then, the idea has evolved, and advances in technology have meant that emailing someone to get your message across has become as commonplace as phoning them, and often much easier. When it comes to email marketing uk companies can enjoy several benefits.

Extra information about email marketing uk

Expenses are a major concern for most companies, and one of the biggest and most obvious benefits of marketing by email is the low cost. If you are sending thousands of emails at the same time to different recipients, there may be a small cost to the process, but you aren't spending money on magazine, newspaper, radio or television advertising. And sending emails means no printing or copying expenses either, and of course no costly postage charges. It's possible to get your message to hundreds of potential customers without spending anything.

With email marketing UK companies can enjoy the second obvious benefit, that of being able to instantly get your message to hundreds or thousands of customers, regardless of where they are located. And it's also easy for the message to be shared or forwarded, once received by your subscriber, allowing you to potentially reach an even larger market. email campaigns can also have an immediate impact; a big advantage over a broadcast or print marketing campaign in which any results typically take weeks to trickle in. An email can alert customers or potential customers to a 34 hour sale, a limited time offer, an upcoming event or a new product. It's no exaggeration to say that a company can potentially see positive results within days, sometimes hours of sending out an email.

An email campaign also allows you to customize your message, based on the needs or demographics of the recipient. Email also integrates well with other platforms such as social media, and allows you to incorporate documents, graphics, photographs and video, everything you might need to ensure your email is opened and read and has the desired effect. Developing long term relationships and keeping the custom of existing customers is important to any company, and email is an easy and practical way to do just that. Your email marketing can remain interesting and appealing by including coupons, special offers, a newsletter or an invitation to a product launch.

Emails also encourage the recipient to take action, such as replying or clicking on a link to go to your company's landing page. It's also easy to measure the effectiveness of your emails, and there are plenty of applications and programs that help you to track conversions and results. Of course, an email can be sent at any time of the day or night, regardless of whether the recipient is there. And it may be oversimplifying things, but most people actually prefer an email; in fact an estimated 90 percent of people actually like receiving promotional or marketing emails. It's time to take advantage of the effectiveness of email marketing if you haven't yet done so.